Transocean Chronograph Edition

Two-tone dial, vintage style double cumulative timer, double table bottom, replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph Edition with extraordinary unique spirit to interpret Ocean watch the pure style of this contemporary classic timepieces. Breitling chronograph development pays tribute to the special contribution.

Breitling draw inspiration from 1958 in the brand’s flagship model, the introduction of Transocean, to commemorate the then cross the ocean spirit of Premier trans-oceanic travel such a long flight. Prototype Ocean watch with super waterproof, antimagnetic shock, superior performance, and was just beginning to flourish overseas air travel worldwide.

replica watch transocean-chronograph-edition

Transocean Chronograph Edition

Today, Breitling launched a new limited edition chronograph overseas, everywhere highlight extraordinary unique charm. Wrist watch positive show full vitality and fine ingenuity: in dial symmetric layout to a retro style of cumulative timing device small dial, six o’clock location distribution has calendar displayed window, ornaments to dual-zone silver poor color, and carefully pressure embedded stereo standard and 18K gold capital “b” Word brand used years of original identifies, simple delicate of design rendering out most classic of timing wrist table style.

Watch back to surprise: steel case has a unique two-tier with cover designs at the end of the watch, watch cover engraved personalized text, makes it easier to appreciate the end of transparent Sapphire watch Switzerland officially certified COSC, high-performance “engine”- homemade 01-Breitling replica watches caliber precision operation.

Breitling Transocean chronograph replica limited edition of only 2000 watches, you can choose to match vintage steel braided bracelet, or perforated Air Racer air race Steel Bracelet, leather and crocodile leather strap. Chronograph is pure, unadulterated Breitling.

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