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In 1954, Pan American Airlines found the replica watch Rolex, hoping that Rolex could develop a watch that could easily display the time between the two places for the pilot to use to solve the time problem after the time zone, because the flight time was getting more and more Long, the pilot needs to read multiple time zones. In addition, one of the features required for the project is that the border color needs to match the Pan American Airlines company color. This is the origin of the Pepsi circle red/blue color.
It is no exaggeration to say that the Rolex Pepsi circle is the favorite replica watches of the watch fans. The Rolex GMT-Master’s nickname ‘Pepsi Cola’ seems to be very old. Recently we have found several pieces of information dating back to decades, which are enough to prove that this is a very old age and the most famous nickname in the bezel. Rolex created the famous blue/red bezel according to the requirements of Pan American Airlines.
Fake watches The watch industry has a variety of views on the term “Pepsi Cola”, but it is relatively recognized by the public that Pepsi originally represented the watch watch Rolex Greenwich type blue and red bezel pilot watch, on the grounds that Rolex is the first The company that publishes this “design element”. Of course, now Pepsi can represent watches with blue and red bezels. In addition, the bezel does not have to accurately divide the two colors into equal halves. In addition, it may also be a diving watch and not necessarily a pilot watch.

蚝, 40 mm,
Oyster steel
Oyster case structure
Middle case, screw-in bottom cover and winding crown
40 mm
Oyster steel
Outer ring
24-hour progressive scale two-way rotating outer ring; two-color (red, blue) CERACHROM ceramic word circle, with numbers and scales
Winding crown
Screw-in three-lock three-way waterproof system
Anti-scratch blue crystal, small window convex lens enlargement calendar
Waterproof up to 100 meters / 330呎
Automatic winding mechanical constant core, GMT function Rolex 3285 movement
Precision timepiece
Average positive and negative within two seconds (after the movement is loaded into the case)
Center time, minute and second hand; 24 hour display; independent pointer to quickly adjust the second time zone time; instantaneous jump calendar; second hand pause function to accurately adjust the time
Two-way automatic winding by constant action
Power reserve
About 70 hours

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