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Rolex is one of the world’s largest watch brands. In the past 100 years, it has designed a lot of timepieces both inside and outside. In them, we have always seen the reliability, quality and value that the brand emphasizes. The elements, however, do not have a replica watch that can be as profound as the explorer.
The earliest explorer-type watches date back to the 1940s. However, it is a reference to the products of ref. 6098 and 6298, both of which were the predecessors of the explorer type, often referred to as “pre-Explorer.” The characteristics of these watches are the so-called “Bubbleback” case, which carries the relatively thick Cal.A296 movement inside. However, at this time they are not quite like the dial of the explorer-type watch we see today, but are characterized by a enamel dial with an arrow-like time scale and a decal small crown, since it was once the summit. Everest’s tools, so it is often referred to by collectors as the “Everest” disk. That is to say, without the iconic 3-6-9 digital dial, no Explorer can really be counted as an explorer watch, although this is the design layout that has been used before: replica watches Rolex at 6150 The 3-6-9 dial design was officially used on the 6350 and the previous models of the 6098 and 6298 mentioned above.
The 3-6-9 dial, the triangular mark at 12 o’clock, and the name EXPLORER, together to create this iconic work. These styles are the first real explorer timepieces recognized by collectors.
In the spirit of constantly challenging the limits, the fake watches in the mid-1950s launched the self-designed Cal.1030 observatory certified movement, which makes the case design more smooth. Then around 1956, ref.6610 was born. The thinner case allows the explorer to fit closer to the wearer’s wrist, and combined with the same size, gives it a more casual and more vivid look. The 6610 also retains the standard Explorer-style look: a black 3-6-9 dial, a 12-point triangular logo, and a Mercedes pointer. However, the dial at this time is more uniform, with gold-plated fonts, and of course there are some rare examples.

The reason why Explorer 1016 is enduring is that its outstanding readability is indispensable. The 3-6-9 digital time scale plus the triangle mark at 12 o’clock is simple and intuitive, and the introduction of the Mercedes pointer has further enhanced it. Over the years, the only few changes that have occurred on the 1016 have been the transition from radium to safer tantalum, which is indicated by “SWISS T<25” or “T SWISS T” at 6 o’clock. Changed from Cal.1560 to Cal.1570 with stop-second function. This dial design is so iconic that even the submersible timepieces that are hotter than it are inspired by the explorer’s timepiece, the early model ref.6200 used in this series. This is the dial layout.
In addition to the dial, case and movement, the 1016 is also fascinating in its versatility. From the point of view of wearing, 36mm is the size of a balm, regardless of the thickness of the wrist, it is not inappropriate. Although it is a sporty timepiece in its essence, it is almost perfectly matched with any clothing. Without any personal feelings, ref.1016 may be the best watch watch Rolex movement ever. Watch. It’s a pity that it’s getting harder and harder to find a good one, and you’ll find that they are getting more and more expensive.

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