Rolex Daytona 50th Anniversary Replica Watch

I couldn’t let this Rolex Daytona 50th Anniversary fake watch go without a video review and I have to thank my dear neighbor for giving me the opportunity of doing this.

If I were to look into replica Rolex Daytona watches right now I’d definitely have this piece in mind simply because it’s so new and crisp and clear that it’s surely worth the try. Even though the price of the real one is astronomic I’d still take it out for a spin because most people have no idea that this baby can cost way over $50k.

High Quality Rolex Daytona Replica


Good markings and markers and brown chronographs on this ice blue dial. Brown ceramic look-a-like bezel also does the trick so for a less than $200 Rolex fake watch matching an over $50k original I’ll say so far so good.

Case is fully polished and the screw down pushers and crown look good too. Scratch-proof crystal is stuck properly on the case. Reason I’m mentioning this is that out of my experience I’ve realized that when it comes to Daytona replica watches the scratch-proof crystal is pretty tricky and will not be placed evenly on the case a lot of times.

This will look pretty weird and it’s a clear give-away for the trained eye. It sometimes sticks out more to a side than the other and it’s not evened out. Always check on this piece of detail when on the market for a fake Daytona watch.

This is the latest Daytona model from Rolex so it will be pretty popular for a few years I’m sure and even though I only got maybe one or two requests from you guys asking about this particular model I think that it’s going to grow in popularity in the years to come.

For some reason the Rolex replica watches models age like wine these days and become more interesting as the years pass rather then when they first show up. I pretty much think this will be the case here as well and I’m glad I got to show you this watch now before it’ll get more popular. Check out all the details on the video below and let me know your thought on it. I’m really curious of your opinion on this piece.

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