Replica watch 2019 new fifty-five series

Over the years, Blancpain has been committed to improving the safety awareness of marine environmental protection in today’s society, and because Blancpain’s history is closely related to the diving field, the related issues raised by it have become more meaningful and fans. They are also very happy to see such a well-known watch brand exude such positive energy.
The Fifty Fathoms watch is a series of replica watches. The Fifty Fathoms series has a constantly evolving glory of historical genes, satisfying every expectation of those who are obsessed with diving and water sports. This year, Blancpain once again launched the trend-setting new Fifty-Five style, which is equipped with an extravagant satin-finished red gold case for this watch; the striking blue ceramic dial is also presented for the first time in five In the Shiyan series. The unique combination of extravagant materials and fascinating colors makes this new Fifty-Five series fake watches a must-have for both hipsters and tech fans. As early as when creating a bezel for the deep submersible Bathyscaphe watch, Blancpain has used ceramic technology and found many advantages over other materials. The quality of ceramic materials is excellent, and their hardness is at least six times that of stainless steel, which also gives them superior stability and long-lasting color life. Despite the cumbersome production and processing of ceramics, due to its superb dark luster, Blancpain insisted on the use of ceramic materials, giving this new Fifty-Five series a fascinating dark blue dial with a central sun. The radiation-patterned dial and the matt dial have a sharp contrast. At first glance, the exclusive features of the Fifty Fathoms watch are highly recognizable: numbers, time markers, pointers coated with luminous materials, curved scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and unidirectional rotating bezels are reminiscent of five The classic elements of the Shiyan series. Based on more than 60 years of professional experience in diving, all of these designs are designed to ensure that the watch is free from environmental challenges and that the watch is legible in all situations.

The new Fifty Fathom watch is equipped with a 1315 movement and a 45mm diameter case that is water resistant to 300m underwater. The 1315 movement is designed for luxury sports watches to meet the wearer’s pursuit of precision and performance. Blancpain also equipped the movement with an extravagant solid red gold oscillating weight. After the chain was full, the watch’s power reserve lasted for five days. This oscillating weight is completely based on the historical collection of the Fifty Fathoms series. Its construction guarantees the flexible performance of the oscillating weight and ensures the movement is protected from potential impact.

Incorporating a cutting-edge ceramic dial with a luxurious red gold case and a finely polished movement, the new Fifty Fathoms watch features a trendy blue calfskin strap that reveals the inseparable depth of Blancpain and the magnificent ocean. Love.

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