Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Watch

Its case, as well as its legends of movement 7 bridge, full carbon fiber production movement equipped with micro-serrated belt, its linear rotor on one track and the movement on the ball, let me introduce you to the Monaco V4 Phantom.

replica watch of monaco-v4-phantom

TAG Heuer Monaco V4

2015 new features produced by CMC case, as well as the movement also made by CMC in the 7 bridges. In the production process using “carbon” technologies, is placed in the mould of carbon fiber in a certain direction, and ejecta, thus giving them shapely and elegant “Matt Black vertical frosted” appearance. The entire dial appear dark gray and black tones. For example, a pointer used plane design and satin decorated, with grey and black Super Luminova luminescent material titanium carbide coating. Only jewel can show a touch of red.

TAG Heuer replica at La Chaux-de-Fonds in research and development, production and hand-assembled in carbon fiber and watches, our process will combine technical performance with mechanical movement of the top designs, created the Monaco V4 Phantom with a sense of fashion and modern watches, ultra light weight, and provide extra seismic protection. Watch for a very complex function, it avant-light design is very unique.

replica watch of tag-heuer-monaco-v4-phantom-watch

TAG Heuer Monaco V4

Monaco V4 11 years ago in the first paragraph. Named V4 is derived from its mounted on a ball-bearing, two adjacent pairs and four barrel v-bottom plates. Monaco V4 was not a regular rotation, but belt driven linear gravity and motion in the straight track, subverted the clocks and mechanical principles.
Great vintage dial design of temperament, brand vintage Logo

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