Replica Hermes Carre H watch

Simple and clean light yellow dial that has just the right elements as the original. Nicely polished simple markers and hands have a good glow. Simple and clean watch but with a unique shape, looks and this leads to a different feel on the hand too. You don’t get to wear a simple and kinda classy square watch every day so when I put it on it always feels different and special. I like the way the bracelet is attached to the case. It feels vintagy to me but yet it’s so simple, safe and ads a good spice to this piece overall.


Case has a good thickness and it’s brushed yellow gold plating. Hermes logo on the crown and a good back case engraved stamp-like logo/picture fits well into the big picture. Bracelet is black leather of an average to good quality imitating the original even though it looks kinda dull. That’s the whole idea of this model after all, I mean not to be dull but to be simple and clean and with just the necessary elements so nothing of a very fancy design is added.

The buckle has the Hermes logo and it’s fully polished matching the glow of the dial elements. It is powered by a Japanese Quartz (battery run) movement that keeps time well and does not need much attention. Curious how this piece falls into your view on watches and how would you see it but to me it’s nice breath of freshness and definitely an eye catcher which I’ll enjoy playing with.

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