Replica Chopard Mille Miglia Black chronograph

First of all, thank you very much for reading my blog. My question is: I have a budget of $500 for a replica watch that I am receiving for college graduation. I am very thankful for it, but have only a couple ideas of where to look.

just found your column a few days ago and, since I am in the market, I have been doing all the research I possibly can about your recommendations. I was looking at either a Replica Chopard Mille Miglia Black chronograph, possibly from a jeweler or eBay retailer. Or a Hublot SuperB Flyback Chrono fake, also black.

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The only thing I can tell with the fake Hublot is it has a “outsourced” Swiss/Swatch movement. Any suggestions? I realize that both of those are sporty — I do like classic though. Every word of help is appreciated. Thanks.
It’s funny you chose these two timepieces as your favorites, as they both represent a holistically unexciting and overpriced approach to watchmaking. The Hublot Flyback does indeed use an “outsourced” movement; in fact, it uses the very same outsourced movement as the Chopard.

Both of these replica watches are nothing more than exercises in marketing, which is exactly what you’ll be paying for if you purchase either of them — a large company’s advertising budget. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra dough and buy a fake Rolex Daytona. After all, both the replica Chopard and the Hublot are nothing more than expensive Rolex knockoffs.

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