Omega hippocampus series 300 meters diving watch titanium 钽replica watch

This year, in order to pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the hippocampus 300m diving watch, replica watches once again incorporate the base metal into the watch design to create this unique hippocampus 300m diving watch titanium 钽 limited edition watch, watch case It also features a new design with a conical helium valve, a corrugated edge back and an integrated strap. At that time, the unique color of base metal complemented the revolutionary design of the first 30-meter professional diving watch of the hippocampus series, which was highly praised by watch lovers as soon as it was launched. Today, Omega once again uses the base metal to create a hippocampus 300m diving watch titanium 钽 limited edition watch
The case of the fake watches is 42 mm in diameter, the case and bracelet are made of titanium and brushed, and the blue-gray base metal is applied to the middle link of the bezel base and the bracelet. A subtle contrast to titanium in metallic color. The fake watches are paired with a grey titanium dial and embossed to present the iconic ripple pattern of the first hippocampus 300m diving watch.
 The Omega-shaped hippocampus motif is on the transparent back of the watch. This iconic pattern highlights the deep roots of the Omega Seamaster series and diving. Through the sapphire glass case back, the operational beauty of the Omega 8806 to the Observatory movement is fully demonstrated. The entire fake watch and the movement are highly approved for the watchmaking industry, which achieves superior performance in terms of precision, performance and anti-magnetic properties.

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