Omega De Ville Chronograph Replica Watch

It’s definitely time for a photo review on this replica Omega De Ville watch because my uncle was eyeballing at it way too much for comfort when he visited the other day.

I kinda have a feeling about the faith of this Omega replica watch and by the looks of it we’ll part ways soon enough. I have this soft spot for family and close friends… They know it and play their card well most times but I also think it’s a good way to keep my collection fresh and always looking for more new and interesting replica watches to add to it.

Getting back to this fake Omega De Ville Chronograph watch I have a few good points to add to the pics below.

Best Omega Deville Replica


I think Omega did a really great job revamping the old De Ville collection with this piece and so did the ones that cloned it because it’s a really good clone, good quality watch by all means.

It does not look like a newer model (which it is) but more like an already well established classy and classic Omega watch. Simple unmarked chronographs at 3 and 9 o’clock balance-out the dial and give it a sporty feel. Date window at 6 o’clock is well cloned and so are the De Ville markings above it.

I like the rose gold plating on the dial elements and as you can see in the first pic they have a good shine as the light is reflected by the polished plating. Nothing to bitch about this dial and the scratch-proof crystal falls on it well.

AAA quality Omega De Ville replica

Case is polished rose gold plated stainless steel on the top and slightly bushed on the sides making this a very subtle and interesting detail. The back case is a see-through also polished stainless steel with a good and wide movement exposure.

I think that the seconds hand can have a better sweeping motion but as long as it’s powered by an automatic movement I think it’s just fine. Black leather strap does the job well and the Omega engraved rose gold plated folding clasp looks good too.

If you’re in the market for a new yet classic Omega fake watch I think that you should stop and stare at this De Ville for a little bit just to see if it’ll fit your needs. It’s definitely an easy casual watch to accessorize and wear every day but remember that the original does not come cheap so wear it accordingly. Check out some more pics and give me your thoughts on this piece.

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