Rolex replica Submariner 116618 LN

Learn About The Replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN

Rolex is not only the hottest luxury watch brand on the market, but also enjoys a certain reputation around the world. When it comes to representative products of the brand, everyone will think of replica Rolex Submariner. In addition to being the most representative product of Rolex, Submariner is also one of the most famous professional diving replica watches in the world. In decades of development, Submariner has gone from the initial model 62xx to the modern 12xxxx. Therefore, compared with the previous model, the modern Submariner has become even better in terms of appearance and technology. However, novices will have difficulties when choosing Submariner. After all, Submariner has a history of nearly 70 years since 1953. Don’t worry, today I have selected a watch for you and let me show you all the information about Submariner 116618 LN.

replica Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner 116618 LN

Stainless steel Submariner buy replica watches have always been popular products on the market. This Submariner 116618 LN uses luxurious 18K gold, which forms a strong contrast with the black dial and bezel. Now, let us officially enter.

replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN

44MM Case

In the case size, Submariner 116618 LN still retains the 40MM design. For the wearer, this size is not only classic, but also suitable for everyone’s wrists. In fact, although the size is the same as the previous replica Rolex Submariner, it will look larger than before. On the other hand, the case uses Rolex’s famous Oyster technology. This design not only improves the robustness of the watch, but also better protects the internal movement. At the same time, Submariner 116618 LN also has a water resistance of 300 meters. Therefore, even if you wear it for swimming, there will be no problems.

Rolex replica Submariner 116618 LN

Black Dial

This is a black Maxi dial. Obviously, this design not only makes the watch clearer and easier to read, but also more modern and dynamic. On the black dial, you can clearly see the white gold hour markers and hands. In addition, there is a layer of gold embellishment on the outer circle of the platinum mark. Let us further feel the unparalleled luxury of replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN. Same as the previous product, on the dial, Rolex added luminescent material to Submariner. Therefore, even if you are in a dark environment for a long time, Submariner 116618 LN can provide you with up to 8 hours of blue light.

replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN bracelet

Yellow Gold Bracelet

Under the black bezel, is an 18K yellow gold bracelet. It is worth mentioning that the replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN comes with an Oyster yellow gold bracelet. This kind of bracelet is not only luxurious, but also extremely practical. This is very different from many flashy products. Most importantly, the bracelet can not only be easily adjusted in length, but it can also be used reliably when diving. There is no doubt that this is a practical and powerful perfect tool watch.

Finally, about the movement. Inside the replica Rolex Submariner 116618 LN is the classic 3135 movement. This movement is not only one of Rolex’s iconic movements, but also has powerful and reliable performance. In short, the Submariner 116618 LN is Rolex’s best dive watch to date. Of course, if you want to learn more, you can visit Here, I will update the news about watches regularly every day.

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