Imitation Rolex Yacht-Master vs Yacht-Master II: Luxury Watch Comparison

Imitation Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II are luxury sports watches. Although their names are similar, Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II are completely different watches. Let ’s take a look at their main differences.

Different Designs

Imitation Rolex Yacht-Master was the first in the Professional Range to be offered in 3 sizes. It uses a 40MM case, 35MM case, and 29MM case. The Yacht-Master II only uses a 44MM case.

Yacht-Master featuring a depth rating of only 100 meters, and a bi-directional rotating bezel craft entirely from either solid 18-karat gold or 950 platinum. The Yacht-Master is a watch that is designed for those who enjoy the aesthetic of sports imitation watches. The overall design of the Yacht-Master is one that is fundamentally similar to the classic Imitation Rolex sports watch.

Imitation Rolex luxury watch Yacht-Master 116622

In comparison, Yacht-Master II is a highly professional regatta chronograph. It has a programmable countdown timer with a mechanical memory, that can be synchronized with the official countdown clock. With a case diameter of 44MM, and a bezel and dial design that is specifically designed for use with its regatta timer. The Yacht-Master II is an imitation watch that was designed from the ground up for boat racing.

Main Difference: Movements

The biggest difference between these two watches is that they use different movements. While one movement follows a conventional time plus date setup. The other is a totally unique and highly specialized movement that is unlike anything found in any other imitation watch.

Such as the imitation Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 uses NO.3135 automatic movement. This is a proven and reliable movement.

Imitation Rolex luxury watch Yacht-Master II 116680

The imitation Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 uses Rolex’s state-of-the-art NO.4161 chronograph movement. Which is made up of more than 360 components. The patented function of the NO.4161 movement is highly specialized and unique.

Subtle Differences

The Yacht-Master is equipped with a black dial, and the black strap that matches the dial is made of rubber. In contrast, Yacht-Master II is equipped with a white dial. While the strap is made of stainless steel and rose gold.

Imitation Rolex luxury watch Yacht-Master vs Yacht-Master II

Both the Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II are luxury imitation watches from imitation Rolex. However, in terms of functionality and appearance, the two timepieces could not be any further apart. Because there are certain differences, we cannot say which watch is better. The choice of a watch depends entirely on your personal preferences and needs.

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