Hublot Big Bang Boa 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Chronograph

There are few more polarizing brands that I know than replica Hublot. Most people either totally love or totally hate Hublot. Of course there some people in the middle, but only because they find some Hublot watches that they totally love and others that they totally hate. The polarization of the brand is almost legendary at this point.

In 2012, when I first saw the then novel Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches, I was immediately impressed. I happen to be the open-minded type of modern watch lover that has always seen value in the efforts made by Hublot.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches

Did I think Hublot had improvements they could make in regard to quality? Yes. Did I think Hublot went a bit overboard with limited edition watches? Yes. Did I think sometimes Hublot got too ambitious with their pricing? Yes, and sadly, so do most other brands.

Hublot Big Bang Boa 18kt Chronograph replica

Yet, at the end of the day, Hublot was thinking forward and producing new stuff with a momentum that no one else could catch up to. A momentum that could either cause the brand to keep going, sputter out, or trip on itself and pick up where it left off and hope for the best.

Now in 2014, a few years after my initial interest in the replica Hublot Big Bang Ferrari collection, I offer a review.

This particular color scheme is perhaps not my favorite, but it is interesting, with is mostly blue tones and red accents. As you can see, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari comes with two straps, something which I believe they all do. Among other things, Hublot used the Big Bang Ferrari watch to implement a new feature into Big Bang watches – a quick release for the straps.

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