Glashütte SeaQ series fake watches

For most watch enthusiasts, the original words of Glashütte replica watches represent the ‘elegant’ and ‘high-end’ timepieces, but in fact this is not enough, because the brand is also accurate in production. Known as the timing tool and instrument, for example: the nautical astronomical clock. Perhaps not many people have thought about the history of the observations, pilots and diving watches from Glashütte, but they have indeed left a deep impression. Today, the replica watch Glashütte’s original collection of dust covering the rich past chapters draws inspiration and creates a new product line called “Spezialist”. Now let’s take a look at the first work of the series – Glashütte Original SeaQ, a retro-inspired diving watch.
To be honest, the arrival of this new work is definitely a big surprise, and it has clearly surpassed our expectations for the brand’s new 2019 product. However, just look back at the past GO watch collection and we will find that this is not the brand’s first diving theme timepiece. Remember the previous breakthrough in GO in terms of sports style? For several years, the famous watches of fake watch Glashütte have been focused on the production of exquisite and elegant typical German watches, but the popularity of sports and retro-style watches in the market has prompted the brand to create this SeaQ series.

SeaQ’s design is not out of thin air. In the 1950s and 1960s, Glashütte was under the control of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), when it was called fake watches Glashütte Uhren Betrieb. The focus of the product was also on the practical and intimate aspects. It’s not a high-level watchmaking route like it is now. At that time, the range of models was huge and varied. For example, the “Spezimatic Type RP TS 200” watch in the picture above was developed for sports divers and also gave birth to today’s SeaQ series timepieces. source.
Common feature
The new replica watch Glashütte original SeaQ collection consists of three styles, SeaQ (39.5mm) with a slightly retro look; SeaQ Panorama Date (43.2mm) with a more modern and luxurious feel; and a replica of the original Spezimatic The SeaQ 1969 limited edition of the watch.
The three timepieces have obvious common features, the first is the shape of the case, which is a typical 60’s shape, that is, the integrated lugs and angular lines. It is important to know that these models have been tested according to the DIN and ISO standards for diving watch watches (specifically DIN 8306 and ISO 6425). They are equipped with a one-way counterclockwise rotating bezel and a clear 60 minute graduated ceramic insert. As for the dial, all models use the number, time stamp and large pointer design associated with the original. There is a clear distinction between the hour and minute hands, the top of which is an arrow. All three models are available in rubber or synthetic straps, and the buckles are also available with pin buckles or folding clasps. However, the SeaQ 1969 replica watch also offers a steel chain with an 8-stage fine-tuning mechanism.
They are equipped with self-produced self-winding movements, but they vary according to the model.
Glashütte Original SeaQ Watch
As the first ‘starter’ piece in the new “Spezialist” collection, the SeaQ Big Three has a reasonable size (39.5mm diameter, 12.15mm thickness) and a slightly retro look. It has a waterproof rating of 200 meters, a crown-in design with a steel-backed case, but with 10 ripples on it and a Trident pattern incorporating the brand’s double G logo.
This “standard” SeaQ watch clearly refers to the past work, the calendar window is placed at 3 o’clock, and the outline is drawn with white lines, and the numbers and time stamps are also used in this way. The latter, together with the hands, are coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material in “antique radium” color. This style is only available in a style with a sun-patterned black dial. Also note the “Glashütte” inscription at 6 o’clock, which is an element that distinguishes it from a limited edition.
It is equipped with the Cal.39-11 automatic winding movement, which is built by the brand. It is quite simple in grinding. It can provide 40 hours of power reserve and the swing frequency is 4Hz. The starting price is €8,500. Glashütte’s original SeaQ Panorama Date watch, the second of its new collection, features a more modern design concept. Although the basic shape and dial layout of this book are still the same, it is bigger and more complicated than the above, because it is equipped with a higher-end movement.
The case has a size of 43.2 mm and a thickness of 15.65 mm. Compared to the standard SeaQ, it has more differences, including the waterproof capacity of 300 meters and the design of the bottom of the watch.

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