Fake TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 Limited Edition Watch

Fake TAG Heuer Watch Brand Introduction

Already said many brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and Hublot. But today I want to talk to you about fake TAG Heuer. I believe that some people are new to this brand, but for those who know, do you really understand it? Below I will introduce to you the development, achievements, inventions, and series of watches of this brand.

Fake TAG Heuer Watch

Brand Development

In 1860, Edouard Heuer founded a small watchmaking workshop in a small town in western Switzerland. Since its inception, TAG Heuer has been hailed as a model of Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaking. It is also the top five brands in luxury watch sales worldwide. With nearly 150 years of history, fake TAG Heuer has been manufacturing precise and beautiful watches with original ideas.

Brand Achievements

As a century-old pioneer in Swiss watchmaking, TAG Heuer already has 2 in-house movements and 4 watchmaking workshops. And has achieved many achievements such as miniature blades to replace hairsprings, belts to replace gears, and magnetic drives to replace hairsprings. In 2012, fake TAG Heuer won the “Golden Pointer” award for a Carrera Mlkrogirder watch accurate to 5/10000 seconds, pushing precision watchmaking to another peak.

Fake TAG Heuer Watches

Historical Invention

1. Patented for the first mechanical stopwatch in 1882, which has since established TAG Heuer’s position in the sports field.

2.1911 patent application for the first meter chronograph Time Of Trip

3.1916 is the proudest year. Because TAG Heuer invented the first stopwatch accurate to 1%, and also became a dedicated chronograph for the three Olympic Games.

4. In 1930, TAG Heuer developed the world’s first chronograph with automatic winding function.

5. In 1972, Monaco invented the world’s first square chronograph the dive computer.

Fake TAG Heuer

Fake TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 Limited Edition Watch

Fake TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 Limited Edition is equipped with a 39MM stainless steel case. Its iconic square dial with blue chassis and red trim. This watch was designed to pay tribute to the last decade of the 20th century. TAG Heuer watch with new Calibre 11 automatic movement. This movement can store 40 hours of power and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Reminder: This series of watches only make 169 models. If you are a heartbeat, you need to act quickly!

Well, after reading my content introduction, do you have a certain understanding of this brand? Those who are used to Rolex and Omega watches may wish to try fake TAG Heuer watches. After all, its achievements, development, and status are extraordinary.

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