Chanel Chanel black ceramic digital time-lapse replica watch

At the Baselworld exhibition in 2019, Chanel launched the “Monsieur Édition Noire” digital timepiece replica watches, the first time using black ceramic case and black dial, making the unique design of the whole watch more eye-catching.
The Monsieur is the first watch to be equipped with its own Caliber 1 movement. It is Chanel’s first fake watches designed for men – “Monsieur” means “Mr.” in French. So there is a very special position in the entire product line of the Chanel watch.

The dial is a rare digital hop + minute retrograde layout – 12 points is a 240 degree reversal minute disc, and 6 o’clock is an octagonal digital time hopping window. When the hour is over, the minute hand will instantly reverse back to the starting position. Scale, while the time scale jumps to the next digit. At the same time, the strong mechanical torsion is required for the retrograde jump + jump, which makes the design of the movement greatly difficult, especially the stability requirements are very high.
Equipped with a Caliber 1 hand-wound calibre, the double barrel provides a 72-hour power reserve. Developed by Chanel and independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier, this movement consists of 170 components. The movement bridges and gears are elegantly hollowed out to show the geometrical aesthetics of the interlocking, with a building The beauty of the place.
Chanel Monsieur Édition Noire Digital time-lapse fake watch
Matte black ceramic case, diameter 42mm, sapphire crystal case back, black matte dial, Caliber 1 hand-wound movement, 30 stone, swing frequency 28800vph, power storage 72 hours, black alligator strap, steel folding Buckle.

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