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Replica watches reader’s review second week in a row and here’s Elliot’s other half of the e-mail. This time we’re looking at two Tag Heuer fake watches, two Hublot replica watches and a U-Boat fake watch that were all bought on the streets or in markets.

You’ll find these replica watches mostly on your vacations in the East and as long as you know what to look for I think that buying them from those sources is interesting at least. I don’t think you have many returning or refunding options so picking good quality and the right watches will be tricky. That’s why knowing all the details or comparing the fake watches you want to buy with the real ones online will save you a lot of trouble and get you a really nice piece.

Here’s the rest of Elliot’s e-mail:

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Replica


Tag Heuer Calibre 17 replica – From Tunisia I think while my brother was on holiday – great quality all round – dark blue face, brushed steel bezel and rubber strap – this is a nice watch I love a sporty Tag.

2 x Hublots replica (not sure what model) – These were very cheap from Dubai while my brother was on holiday – face and bezel are decent quality, straps are a bit cheap, they look good at a glance. Both automatic – silver with white face loses time.

U-Boat fake – Another cheap one from holiday somewhere – medium quality, don’t really like U-boats bought it because thought it might look good in the collection, I don’t wear it.

Tag Heuer Carrera replica (with pendulum thing) – Finally another cheap holiday one – good quality all round, stainless steel bezel, black and orange leather strap – this one turned out to be really nice, not sure on the accuracy of the copy but it still works perfectly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, like I said don’t put these ones on your blog as the pictures aren’t great. My brother also has two really nice Swiss Hublot and Tag Heuer replicas, I will send you some proper photos of those along with my new ones from replicamagic when I order.
Thanks again

Thanks again Elliot for all this. It’s a good opportunity for me to show my reader’s what’s out there in the “real world” of fake watches and not just online. The replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches look good. Check out the rest of the pics and feel free to give me and Elliot your thoughts on them.

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