At the age of 30, I purchased the first replica Rolex 26300 white plate

Through my own efforts, I was happy to buy replica Rolex for the first time. I am almost 30 years old. I can give it to myself in advance.20190401

At the beginning of the selection of the watch, Rolex is not included in the plan. Impression Rolex is a big gold watch, so I have been paying attention to the brand, I think it is young, Omega and IWC.20190402

Datejust is the basic of Rolex’s basics. Its appearance is unremarkable, but from another angle, it is also the return of the sword. It can be said that it is the prototype of the contemporary chain with the needle table, and because each of its elements is well-established.

At this time, Rolex was included in my eyes. When I first paid attention to Rolex replica, I saw that Datejust felt very classic and beautiful.

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