Rolex replica 116900 Air-King

About Rolex Replica Founder Hans Wilsdorf

Rolex replica is not only the representative of luxury watches in the world, but also one of the highest-selling watch brands every year. When it comes to this brand, most people think of its founder Hans Wilsdorf. He is not only the person who loves Rolex the most, but also a master watchmaker. Today I will show you his story.

Personal Introduction

Hans Wilsdorf not only created the Rolex replica, but also established the Rolex subsidiary Tudor. Every time I read the story about him, I will feel admiration.

Hans Wilsdorf Rolex replica

From the beginning, Hans Wilsdorf was engaged in clock-related work. Perhaps he discovered his love for watches and clocks. At the age of 24, he started a company in partnership with Davis. It is worth mentioning that Rolex was gradually born in the historical background of the two world wars. What is the turning point of this brand? I think it was the “Air” series watch born in the Second World War. why? After reading the following content, you can find the answer.

Rolex replica 116900 Air-King

Rolex Replica Air

“Air” series is not only a commemorative watch, but also a favorite watch for pilots around the world. Its birth can only be said to be adapted to the background of the times. During World War II, it was the Royal Air Force’s favorite timepiece. why? Because this series of replica watches is not only reliable, but also more accurate than the military timepieces of the time. With this, “Air” watches quickly became popular.

Rolex replica Air-King 116900

Nowadays, Air-King is the only watch in the series that is still in production. For example, Rolex replica Air-King 116900. This watch not only has a new 40MM case, but also equipped with a more comfortable Oyster strap. Compared with the 34MM Air-King, it is obviously more suitable for decorating the wrist.

In general, Rolex can have its current status inseparable from Hans Wilsdorf. He is not only visionary, but also very innovative. Finally, if you like watches with historical stories, I would recommend Rolex.

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