A special Rolex Watch

We are familiar with the Rolex Submariner, Explorer, Seadweller; but Rolex has very Orthodox dress watches Cellini collection in 2014, Rolex Cellini replica watches launched a new, Cellini Prince also declared what’s bleak ending.

Rolex Prince watches than many Rolex watches has a long history, its history dates back to 1928, know that only Hans Wilsdorf Rolex company was founded in 1905.


Prince is a rectangle watch, first, two Prince watches are Ref.971 and Ref.1343, all of them manually using the Aegler877 rectangular movement, with more than 2 days power reserve, there is a large screw balance wheel. Early Prince watches were small three-needle form, because they are not popular at that time Central seconds hand layout, which is why sometimes called “doctor’s watch “, as the name suggests is the pulse of a patient by medical personnel to avoid pointer will not affect the calculation of the time for overlap. Rolex Prince watches have been produced in 1940 of the 20th century and breaks.

In 2005, further the Prince watch, attributed to Cellini series. This series, Renaissance sculptor and Goldsmith, writer and composer named – Cellini. The modern Prince watch is still the rectangular case, rectangular three-PIN Dial, built-in rectangular manual-winding movement, still retains its art deco style.


Prince has grown with the times, of course, 45 mm x29 mm, 9 mm thick, square gold watch, this is quite a considerable weight, in order to balance, Rolex specifically designed a large folding buckle. Three kinds of materials, 5 models to choose from three Platinum and one gold, a rose Everose gold.

Prince watches appearance have the same outline of the case, but the details are different, particularly the face plate has a unique art deco style machine molding lines, gold is Paris finishes, Platinum has concentric ruled, radiation ruled.

Rolex Prince watch is equipped with the first home-grown hand-wound movement, square 7040, this is a very beautiful splint Switzerland movement, 21 diamonds through the COSC-certified, with 72-hour power reserve, with Paraflex shock absorbers, Breguet overcoil Hairspring, screws adjust the balance wheel, size steel tooth profile as the tooth grinding. This is the first time for so many years, Rolex did a beautiful decorative polished for movement.

Regardless of how collectors over the years praise by Prince is a minority niche known Rolex replica watches.

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